Friday, October 24, 2008

Web 2.0

After reading Icebergs by Rick Anderson I saw the ways CML is addressing the movement toward 2.0 technology.

We don't keep a just in case collection, our collection has become leaner and more relevant every year I've worked here.

I'm looking forward to continued improvement in computer programs and databses making them easier for me and the customer to use, anything we develop is done with the ease of use in mind.

Virtual use is growing and it shows by the numbers using our services online. Discussions have been held on ways to go to our customers and as a result we've begun to investigate ways to reach out to our customers where they are, using their tools.

The times are a changing and they are changing fast! Thanks to Learn and Play I've taken the time to explore some the popular 2.0 tech sites like flickr, and librarything and found them useful for the most part, but without a doubt entertaining.

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